About me

My name is Christel Beck-Zangenberg.

I bring many years of experience to the table as a teacher, head of the English department and former staff counsellor at a German grammar school. In the course of my professional life, I have lectured at universities and colleges. I am a published author and work as a specialist consultant in the development of teaching and learning materials. I am a licensed TCI-Coach and I obtained the TCI-Diploma. I also work as a supervisor and coach-in-qualification of the German Association of Supervision and Coaching.

The basis of my counseling work

My life and work are based on the humanistic world view of Theme-Centred Interaction (TCI) and the Gestalt approach. Influenced by Humanistic Psychology, Ruth C. Cohn (1912 - 2010) developed TCI, a concept for working with groups and teams and for people's personal lives. I am also indebted to the humanistic Gestalt approach founded by Fritz Perls (1893 - 1970) and Laura Perls (1905 - 1990), which focuses on developing and unfolding the full potential of the individual human being. These concepts guide my work. In the consulting process I help my clients develop their individual abilities, address challenges and strengthen their self-efficacy. I believe that every person is capable of continuously evolving towards a more conscious and awareness-based life in the here and now.

Quality management